Friday, 31 March 2017



Mumbai is scorching with forty one degrees and i am trying to tell you to pull off a denim look. Please do not think i am cray 👀 because where there is a will there is surely a way.
I personally dread wearing denims in summer due to the humidity issues in Mumbai. But i found my way to deal with it and so i wish to share few tricks of it😁.

Firstly my blessings to those who came up with the idea of making cotton denim outfits. A big shout out to you designers👏👏. And for the readers yes there are cotton denims available and you need not spend a bomb. Almost every street shops in colaba, bandra & lokhandwala have shirts, dresses,cropped pants,& culottes in cotton denims.
They are one of the most friendliest fabric till day. Easy, breezy & comfy is what i call them.

         Denim dress: Lokhandwala | shirt: westside| shoes: 20dresses| sling: accessorize

For office wear you can opt for cotton denim pants or culottes teamed up with classic whites or any other color shirt you wish for. Shirt dresses in denims are more for dates, to chill or for the movies. Pair them with heels, pumps, sneakers,or flats according to the event. Do not think twice before investing in them as they are going to do the rounds throughout the year.

For the real denims there are ways to keep you going snappy this summer🙋. You can go for dungris or overalls as known in the fashion world in a more chic and comfy way. Pair your overalls with a ganji or a crop tee for a casual trip or just wear them with a tube inner. Trust me you are going to have heads turning over to you.

 Please do not go for anything that fully covers you under them. It would be regretful😢. If you wish to be a bit conservative then layer it with a checkered cotton shirt or a cool jacket and keep the hems rolled up. Ripped or plain, suit yourself! 

                                overalls: Koovs  |shoes:Funky collectio, irla | bag: steve madden

 To team up colors with denims need a brainstorming. But from personal experiences whites or quirky tees paired with them look legit. Red or nude for the make up or lips work wonders. For handbags particularly tan and red again work the best and white or red for the footwear are the classics.For a curvy to slender body, they work for all. You can experiment with them as per your choices. Just keep the pairings in mind and go according to the shape and size of your curves. Be spunky and dauntless as i believe there is no end to fashion. Go ahead and explore this sphere😎.

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Monday, 20 March 2017

The Co ordinates

So when you see the fashion world adorning an outfit that looks or has identical prints on the top as well bottom, which in our childhood was taught as “matching sets” to us, actually has a term known  as separates or coordinates. It is a set of clothing that is designed to match or complement one another, in style or color. 
Separates are something that works on all body types. Be it from Kim Kardashian hourglass body to a Disha patani athletic body if talking more realistically. From undertones to bold tones they are all around us. You need the right eye to understand the print, style and color for your body.

It does not matter if you feel you are way too healthy to pull it off, because you can actually make a set of coordinates with two pieces of outfit that you have in your wardrobe. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the fabric should similar as far as possible. 
In our post the separates Noorin decided to go for was a high waist skirt and a crop in a neutral tone from koovs that worked wonders for her curvy body. The color complimented her skin tone and the fabric was not restricted in its stretches. And to bring out an edginess to the look she went for a brighter color footwear that fashioned appropriately. Keeping it simple yet glamorous.

For me, I decided to opt for something that would flatter my body and overall personality.
I chose a beige and gold combination in culottes and a box top that i picked up from a retail store named Idiva in lokhandwala. I decided to pair them with black heels for the swank. For skinny people i personally feel light colors work really best in such monochromatic looks as it gives a boost to the personality and saves them from acquaintances constantly telling you of how you’ve lost extra weight. Which by the way i feel one should completely ignore. 
The benefits of such outfits are that they not confined to a day or a night look in particular. You are free to pull them off for any event or occasions. There are no rules to this look.

 To sum it up i would say that you invest at least  in a pair of separates/coordinates as they are going to be around for about a year.. And not necessarily buy it from a brand. You can look out in small retail stores that have varied range or look up online. 
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Noorin & Khushboo

Sunday, 12 March 2017


When two girls with the same interest and passion find each other in a crowd of fifty just imagine the connection. It felt as if we found our fashion spirits within each other. And in less than hour we cropped up with the idea to start a blog to showcase our interest and love for clothing, beauty, accessorizing, lifestyle and much more. Through our posts over the period we shall reveal all the gimcracks of how styling yourself can be a piece of cake.
With our blog we aim to give you information on fashion that can be easy and friendly on your pocketbook. Because of our profession, our upbringing in this field has made us understand how to look and work out ways in which one could look polished with the most minimum budget possible. And trust me you can. Fashion is very personal and an amalgamation of how you visualize different concepts in terms of styles, prints,colors,etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a look. Hence fashion for me is infinite.
Watch out for the blogs and do write to us on what you would want us to feature in our post.

Noorin & Khushboo