Sunday, 12 March 2017


When two girls with the same interest and passion find each other in a crowd of fifty just imagine the connection. It felt as if we found our fashion spirits within each other. And in less than hour we cropped up with the idea to start a blog to showcase our interest and love for clothing, beauty, accessorizing, lifestyle and much more. Through our posts over the period we shall reveal all the gimcracks of how styling yourself can be a piece of cake.
With our blog we aim to give you information on fashion that can be easy and friendly on your pocketbook. Because of our profession, our upbringing in this field has made us understand how to look and work out ways in which one could look polished with the most minimum budget possible. And trust me you can. Fashion is very personal and an amalgamation of how you visualize different concepts in terms of styles, prints,colors,etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a look. Hence fashion for me is infinite.
Watch out for the blogs and do write to us on what you would want us to feature in our post.

Noorin & Khushboo

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