Friday, 28 April 2017

Denim Patches

                                                    Patch em all

Denim is that one piece of clothing that belongs to every capsule wardrobe. It is the most 'go to' for any of us. Imagine revolutionizing them? We first went on from comfy fits to the skinniest fit ,boyfriend to ripped , skirts to dresses, shirts to jumpers and much more to the story. But the one latest trend hitting the world that stole the most attention and we could'nt resist it either were the denim patches. This trend shall go down in the history of fashion revolution.Actors from Dakota Johnson to Alia Bhatt we've all seen them sporting this majestic piece of creativity. 

That is what inspired us to talk and discuss about it.

 When we decided to talk about this topic to our viewers our biggest glitch was that they were a bit over priced at every store. In not less then ten minutes we came up with the idea of patching our own denims. With the choice of our fit and no size issue we went ahead with choosing our own jeans for patching. The hunt was to get the right patches that is pocket friendly and looks staggering. And voila! the fashion gods were listening to us. We hit the first thread and lace shop in Lokhandwala named Neelam stores and found these cute little guys lying in the box. The price range to our surprise was from as low as rupees fifteen to maximum one hundred and fifty. They had floral patches , cartoons,objects, fruits,etc. We had a tough time sticking to the count. The best part to these were, they are hassle free when it comes to sticking. Iron them on to the your desired areas of the piece and they are good to go.
Teaming up can be perplexing but we believe in sticking to the old skool rule of pairing plain whites with any kind of prints if you wish to play safe!
jeans Zara|tube top Zara|jacket stolen from her dad |boots Forever21 |patches Neelam (Lokhandwala,cost 350)

 Noorin decided to go on with  nude color tube layered with a denim jacket (she stole the jacket from her fathers wardrobe who wore it when he was young and these were then a rage.  what a snitch!) and for her denims she opted for a darker shade that looks mud washed going with ankle high boots. And not to forget her glassy shades. Her grunge look worked for the body and personality that she owns.

denims manish market| top marks & spencer
oxfords lifestyle|patches neelam (lokhandwala,cost 250)

For me, i chose a lighter color ripped denim with zippers on the side paired with plain white tshirt and navy blue oxfords for my feet. I kept the shades brighter with a dash of red color to even out the colors. 

To sum it up i would say we love this whole patch idea on the denims, shirts, jackets and dresses. Pair them with sneakers or flats and allow them to speak!

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