Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Conscious Fahion

                     The imperfect girls x Ripple-effect

Fashion, to us, is a way to express yourself and fashion brings us joy. But bare in mind, fashion is not about simply filling your closet with as many candies as you may get. It is time we take a conscious approach to fashion and this is known conscious fashion or slow fashion.

Supporting a brand like Ripple Effect is about positively impacting the surroundings. Buying products should be more than just a personal need satisfaction. It is about supporting the humans behind the garments, purchasing products which are harmless to animals, the environment & of course you. Every product sold on Ripple Effect is not only meticulously designed but also has a hidden story behind the same. When you shop here, you create a ripple that supports a cause. You make that little bit of difference, where a difference is really due. Most are not even aware of the fact that our country is brimming with artisans that produce the most exclusive pieces of art. It is about creating a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.

The society’s obsession with intake and the constant want for greater, ends in extra waste rather than supporting this narrative. ‘It is the story behind your clothes' as quoted by some.

The reason behind our collaboration with Ripple Effect was to take a step towards supporting awareness and a movement that can bring about a ripple amongst those who are constantly fighting battles to sustain in this uptight world. Ripple Effect supports causes like Vegan, Organic, Upcycled/Recycle, Women Empowerment, Education, Natural, Fair trade, Eco-Friendly, Underprivileged Artisans. They aim to change the mindsets of people, where each one takes the onus of ‘choosing to change’.

If each one of us makes an effort to at least buy one such product during any of our luxury purchases then we are definitely working towards making this world a happy place for all.

Thus as the brand says 'choose to change', we too believe so! It's time we awaken and make a constant effort to bring about a change for the well being of society. Choosing homespun and eco-friendly shopping is the way to protect the human kind in all ways. Shop from and join the movement towards creating a better tomorrow!

Noorin & Khushboo                                                                                                                                                      

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